Learn Adobe Animate CC for Multiplatform Animations: Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation, Second Edition

Book description

Knowing the industry-standard animation and interactivity tool Adobe Animate CC can help you get a foothold in the exciting web design and mobile app-development world. Learn Animate CC by building cool creative projects that will teach you how to:


  • Design and animate vector artwork
  • Compose an animated greeting card using HTML5
  • Build a promotional video with text and images animated in 3D
  • Build an interactive poem generator using JavaScript
  • Construct a working digital clock using ActionScript
  • Design and code an interactive quiz for mobile devices


This study guide uses video integrated with text to help you gain real-world skills that will get you started in your career designing and building multiplatform animations using Adobe Animate CC and lays the foundation for taking the Adobe Certified Associate certification exam in that field. A mix of 7 project-based lessons, 10 hours of practical videos, and interactive quizzes prepares you for an entry-level position in a competitive job market.


Purchasing this book gives you access to valuable online extras. Follow the instructions in the book's "Getting Started" section to unlock access to:



  • Web Edition containing instructional video embedded in the complete text of the book with interactive review questions along with product updates
  • Downloadable lesson files you need to work through the projects in the book

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Authors
  7. Contents
  8. Getting Started
    1. About this book and video
    2. Conventions used in this book
    3. Installing the software
    4. Accessing the free Web Edition and lesson files
    5. Project fonts
    6. Additional resources
    7. Adobe certification
    8. Resetting the preferences to their default settings
  9. 1 Welcome!
    1. About the Adobe Certified Associate Series
    2. Animate CC: Common Terminology
    3. Animate CC vs. Flash Professional CC
    4. Getting Acquainted with Animate CC
    5. Major Interface Features
    6. Let’s Get Going!
  10. 2 Design a Vector Animation
    1. Creating the Project Document
    2. Drawing Vector Assets
    3. Working with Vector Shapes
    4. Time to Animate!
    5. Modify Animation through Easing
    6. Publishing the Animation for Flash Player
    7. Challenge!
    8. Conclusion
  11. 3 Construct an Animated Image
    1. Starting the Project
    2. Using External Graphics
    3. Managing Bitmap Images
    4. Creating Framing Vector Shapes
    5. Working with Text Elements
    6. Generating a Static Image
    7. Generating an Animated GIF Image
    8. Challenge!
    9. Conclusion
  12. 4 Compose an Animated HTML5 Greeting
    1. Creating a New HTML5 Canvas Document
    2. Laying Out the Background Elements
    3. Drawing the Flowerpot
    4. Editing the Flower Graphic Symbol
    5. Animating the Flower Stalk with Inverse Kinematics
    6. Designing and Animating the Flower Head
    7. Create a Personalized Text Message
    8. Using JavaScript Code to Stop the Playhead
    9. Publishing Your Project for HTML5 Canvas
    10. Challenge!
    11. Conclusion
  13. 5 Generate a Promotional Video
    1. Video Project Setup
    2. Creating Dynamic Backgrounds with Animated Shape Masking
    3. Design a 3D Rotating Headshot
    4. Animating Your Name with Motion Presets
    5. Dynamic Animation with Variable-Width Motion Guides
    6. Rendering and Converting the Raw Video
    7. Exporting Video from Animate CC
    8. Video in Animate CC
    9. Challenge!
    10. Conclusion
  14. 6 Build a Poem Generator
    1. Create a New HTML5 Canvas Document
    2. Using HTML5 Components
    3. Camera Movement
    4. Using Dynamic Text and Web Fonts
    5. Making It Interactive with JavaScript
    6. Advanced HTML5 Publish Options
    7. Challenge!
    8. Conclusion
  15. 7 Tick-Tock…Build a Virtual Clock
    1. Working with ActionScript 3.0
    2. Creating an Adobe AIR for Desktop Document
    3. Building the Basic Clock Visual Elements
    4. Designing the Clock’s Animated Movie Clip Assets
    5. Using Imported Audio in an ActionScript Project
    6. A Primer on ActionScript
    7. Writing ActionScript to Control the Clock
    8. Testing an ActionScript Project
    9. Publishing the Clock for Desktop Installation
    10. Challenge!
    11. Conclusion
  16. 8 Develop a Mobile Quiz App
    1. Creating an Adobe AIR for Mobile Document
    2. Design the App Interface Elements
    3. Writing the Application Classes
    4. Creating a Bank of Questions
    5. App Logic and Flow
    6. Publishing the App for Distribution
    7. Challenge!
    8. Conclusion
  17. 9 Wrapping It Up!
    1. Evaluating Interactive Media Content
    2. Where to Go Next
  18. ACA Objectives Covered
  19. Glossary
  20. Index
  21. 10 Leveling Up with Design
    1. Creativity Is a Skill
    2. The Design Hierarchy
    3. The Elements of Art
    4. The Principles of Design
    5. Wrapping Up the Design Concepts
  22. 11 Working with Outsiders
    1. Who You’re Talking for and Who You’re Talking to
    2. Copyrights and wrongs
    3. Think like a boss
    4. Conclusion
  23. Code Snippets

Product information

  • Title: Learn Adobe Animate CC for Multiplatform Animations: Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Rob Schwartz, Joseph Labrecque
  • Release date: June 2018
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780134878751