Chapter 8 Develop a Mobile Quiz App

Chapter Objectives

Chapter Learning Objectives

  • Work with Adobe AIR for Mobile.

  • Use buttons in Animate CC.

  • Master object-oriented ActionScript concepts.

  • Write ActionScript classes.

  • Ingest and display external data.

  • Respond to user interaction.

  • Compile for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Chapter ACA Objectives

For full descriptions of the objectives, see the table on pages 286–291.

Domain 2.0 Project Setup and Interface 2.1, 2.4

Domain 4.0 Create and Modify Visual Elements 4.2, 4.7

Domain 5.0 Publishing Digital Media 5.2

One of the coolest things you can do with Adobe Animate CC is to create a mobile app that can be compiled to either Apple iOS or Google Android using Adobe AIR. In this chapter, you’ll take ...

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