Learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 by Video: Core Training in Web Communication

Video description

Learn by Video offers you a refreshingly new and fun way to learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and will help you get certified along the way!

Learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 by Video offers you 14 hours of high quality videos presented by experienced instructorsthat will teach you the basics of Dreamweaver CS4. As part of the official training for the Adobe Certified Associate exam,  Learn by Video teaches you not only the fundamentals of Dreamweaver, but also how to use the program to create effective forms of web communication. 

The videos present basic principles of Web site design, including copyright, project planning and management, meeting accessibility standards, and file formats. Building consistency into Web site design and interaction are taught, using CSS styles, and tools for managing multiple pages in a site, such as storyboards, wireframes, and site maps are introduced. Most of the video is devoted to fundamentals of Dreamweaver CS4, introducing the user to the program’s interface, how to use essential tools and commands, and how to use the Insert panel and the Assets bar. Create Web pages, import images and add text, style text and add hyperlinks. More advanced topics include using CSS rules to establish page layout, styling text, and maintaining a site.

Table of contents

  1. Planning Your Website Project Management
    1. Project Overview
    2. Design Questionnaire
    3. Design Document
    4. Project Plan
    5. Project Communication
  2. Site Development Site Definition & Planning
    1. Copyright
    2. Accessibility
    3. Maintaining Consistency
    4. Separating Content from Design
    5. Using Standard Fonts
    6. Web-safe Colors
    7. Browsers
    8. Design Principles
    9. Usability and Readability
  3. Information Architecture
    1. Visual Hierarchy
    2. Wireframes
    3. Flowcharts
    4. Storyboards
  4. Site Testing
    1. Site Testing Overview
    2. Usability Testing
  5. Defining a Site in Dreamweaver
    1. Introduction and Benefits
    2. Preparation
    3. Using the Basic Tab to Define a Site
    4. Using the Advanced Tab to Define a Site
    5. Using the Files Panel
  6. Creating a New Web Page
    1. Creating a Web Page
    2. Saving a Web Page
    3. Assigning a Title to a Web Page
    4. Inserting Metatags
  7. Adding Text Content
    1. Typing, Copying/Pasting, or Importing Text
    2. Setting Headings
    3. Creating Lists
    4. Bold and Italics
    5. Special Characters
  8. Images and Rich Media
    1. Web Image File Formats
    2. Inserting Images and
    3. Image File Path
    4. Working with the Assets Panel
    5. Modifying Images
    6. Photoshop Smart Objects
    7. Flash Files
    8. Flash Video
  9. Creating Links
    1. Introduction
    2. Linking to a Page on the Internet
    3. Linking to a Web Page in the Same Site
    4. Linking to a Word or Excel File
    5. Linking within a Document
    6. E-mail Links
    7. Images and Image Mapping
    8. Creating a Rollover Image
    9. Inserting a Navigation Bar
  10. Page Layout with CSS
    1. Why CSS for Page Layout
    2. How to Use CSS for Page Layout
    3. Inserting <div> Tags
    4. Creating a Style for a <div> Tag
    5. Editing a Style for a <div> Tag
    6. Inserting a <div> Tag with a Style
    7. Creating More Styles
    8. More Practice with Styles
    9. Creating a Style for Links
    10. Creating AP Layers
  11. Publishing & Maintenance
    1. Managing Files
    2. Entering Web Server Information
    3. Expanding the Files Panel
    4. Publishing Files
    5. Checking in/Checking out
    6. InContext Editing

Product information

  • Title: Learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 by Video: Core Training in Web Communication
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2009
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780321701572