Learn Adobe Flash CS4 Professional by Video: Core Training in Rich Media Communication

Video description

Learn by Video offers you a refreshingly new and fun way to learn Adobe Flash CS4 Professional and will help you get certified along the way!

This innovative new product from Adobe Press includes an incredible 15 hours of video, presented by experienced instructors that will  to teach you the basics of Flash CS4. As the official training for the Adobe Certified Associate exam,  Learn by Video teaches you not only the fundamentals of Flash, but also how to use the program to create effective forms of rich media communication

Table of contents

  1. Creating Artwork in Flash
    1. Introduction to Creating Artwork 00:01:23
    2. Drawing a Shape 00:07:23
    3. Changing Properties of a Shape 00:06:11
    4. Modifying a Shape 00:07:12
    5. Working with Overlapping Shapes 00:04:20
    6. Grouping Objects 00:03:53
    7. Color Panel and Gradients 00:07:41
    8. Swatches Panel and Kuler 00:06:59
  2. Working with Text
    1. Introduction to Text in Videos
    2. Creating Text and Text Boxes
    3. Text Formatting and Guidelines
    4. Advanced Text Formatting
    5. Text Rendering Methods
    6. Hypertext and E-mail Links
    7. Adding Filters to Text
    8. Using the TextArea Component
  3. Timeline Essentials
    1. Layers and the Timeline
    2. Timeline in Action
    3. Creating a Layer Mask
  4. Shape Tween Animation
    1. Introduction and Rules
    2. Creating a Simple Shape Tween
    3. Shape Tweening Text
    4. Troubleshooting a Shape Tween
  5. Symbols and the Library
    1. Introduction to the Library Panel
    2. Managing Library Content
    3. Types of Symbols
    4. Creating a Graphic Symbol
    5. Instances and Properties
    6. Editing a Symbol
    7. Using the Spray Brush Tool with a Symbol
    8. Creating a MovieClip Symbol
    9. Creating a Button Symbol
    10. Creating an Invisible Button
  6. Motion Tween Animation
    1. Types of Tweens
    2. Creating a Classic Tween
    3. Creating an Object-Based Motion Tween
    4. Motion Editor
    5. Motion Presets
    6. Fading In a Photograph
    7. Animating Text
    8. Rotating with a Motion Tween
    9. 3D Motion Tween
    10. Inverse Kinematic Animation
    11. Multiple Motion Tweens
    12. Animating a Mask
  7. ActionScript
    1. Introduction to ActionScript
    2. Using stop()
    3. Understanding Programming Terms
    4. Linking to a URL
    5. Using gotoAndPlay() with Labels
  8. Working with Video
    1. Introduction to Flash Video
    2. Adobe Media Encoder
    3. FLVPlayback Component
  9. Testing and Publishing
    1. Usability Testing
    2. Testing In and From Flash
    3. Publish Settings
    4. Publishing

Product information

  • Title: Learn Adobe Flash CS4 Professional by Video: Core Training in Rich Media Communication
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2009
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780321701541