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Ted HagosLearn Android Studio 3 with Kotlinhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3907-0_15

15. Running in the Background

Ted Hagos1 
Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
What we’ll cover:
  • The UI thread

  • Threads and runnables

  • Handlers and messages

  • AsyncTask

  • Anko’s doAsync

No one wants to use slow applications. Users want their apps crisp and snappy. Every developer wants this also—no one sets out to build their app and say, “This app is too fast, maybe I should slow it down a bit”; nobody does that. So, how come there are apps that move like molasses? You’ve probably seen some of these apps I’m talking about—you know those where you try to scroll through a recycler view or a list and then it starts, stops, and sputters. Sluggish. ...

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