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Ted HagosLearn Android Studio 3 with Kotlinhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3907-0_2

2. Kotlin Basics

Ted Hagos1 
Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
What we’ll cover:
  • Program elements

  • Basic types

  • Immutability

  • Strings

  • Nullable types

  • Control structures

  • Exception handling

Kotlin isn’t all that different from Java. While it introduced quite a few features, you’ll find that Kotlin and Java are more similar than they are different. This is good news to Java programmers because it means the learning curve for Kotlin isn’t that steep.

You’ll need to get used to a few new things, like expressions and statements in Kotlin (they are quite the reverse from Java; e.g., assignments are statements in Kotlin but they are expressions in ...

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