Configuring Marathon

Marathon is a control system that can be used in Docker or in cgroups containers, and is cluster wide. It is a framework for Apache Mesos that helps you manage tasks through RESTful APIs.

Let's go back to the Marathon tab and follow these steps:

  1. Add a secret to the marathon file:
$ cd /etc/marathon 
  1. Go inside /etc/default and:
$ sudo touch mesos_authentication_secret 
$ sudo vi mesos 
  1. Insert marathon1_secret, save the file, and exit using :wq!
  2. Inform Marathon about the location of the credential file in the marathon1 tab:
$ sudo mkdir conf 
$ sudo cd conf 
$ sudo touch mesos_authentication_secret_file 
$ ll /etc/default/mesos 
$ ll /etc/default/mesos_authentication_secret 
  1. You will get a path, /etc/default/mesos_authentication_secret ...

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