Exercise 35. Sorting and Searching

In this exercise, I’m going to cover four sorting algorithms and one search algorithm. The sorting algorithms are going to be quick sort, heap sort, merge sort, and radix sort. I’m then going to show you how do a to binary search after you’ve done a radix sort.

However, I’m a lazy guy, and in most standard C libraries you have existing implementations of the heapsort, quicksort, and merge sort algorithms. Here’s how you use them:


  1   #include <lcthw/darray_algos.h>   2   #include <stdlib.h>   3   4   int DArray_qsort(DArray * array, DArray_compare cmp)   5   {   6       qsort(array->contents, DArray_count(array), sizeof(void *), cmp);   7       return 0;   8    ...

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