Learn C# with Windows Forms and a Variety of Projects

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Are you looking forward to learning C# with Windows forms and with a variety of projects? Then this course will help you build a solid foundation in C# with ease.

This course provides a step-by-step guide to create executable Windows form projects using C#. You will learn to code in C# and gain an in-depth understanding of the structures of Windows forms by understanding various fundamental concepts such as namespace, class, keyword, and so on. You will also learn to use the .NET framework, understand the difference between classes versus structs and explore the concept of enumerations.

In the further section, you will learn about changing variables using compound operations. Learn about the practical examples of while loops, for loops and understand gridviews with for loops. Also, learn about how to work with double loops and for each loop with arrays. There are specific sections added that are focused on practical applications of C#.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create Windows forms project by coding in C# for each part all by yourself.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to create an executable Windows Form project
  • Learn to interpret a hierarchy consisting of name spaces, classes, and methods
  • Understand the purpose of the files that make up a Window Forms project
  • Understand how visual object changes are reflected in code in the appropriate file
  • Understand implicit method calls like String.Format and String.Concat
  • Learn to prevent null reference exceptions with combo boxes


This course is for those who are interested in C#, Windows Forms, and some object-oriented programming.

About The Author

Tom Owsiak: I have eight years experience as a teacher of mathematics, physics, statistics, and programming. I worked for five years as a database programmer using various technologies such as .NET, Clipper, SQL, SQL Server, SAS, Excel, and many related technologies. I'm the publisher of one of the most successful courses on Udemy, called "Learn C# With Visual Studio 2013". Currently, I work as a mathematics, and computer science teacher at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Get the Needed Tool
    1. Getting Visual Studio 2017 Community
    2. Getting Visual Studio 2019 Community
  2. Chapter 2 : Digging into the Structures of a Windows Forms Project
    1. Creating and Running Tour First Executable
    2. Displaying a Message with a Label (No Coding)
    3. Reacting to a Button Click (Coding)
    4. Understanding Namespaces, Classes, Keywords, Part 1(Examining Existing Code)
    5. Understanding Namespaces, Classes, Keywords, Part 2(Examining Existing Code)
    6. Understanding Namespaces, Classes, Keywords, Part 3 (Examining Existing Code)
    7. Understanding Initialize Component, Part 1 (Examining Existing Code)
    8. Understanding Initialize Component, Part 2 (Modifying Existing Code)
    9. Understanding References (Modifying Existing Code)
  3. Chapter 3 : Coding Fundamentals
    1. Using Int Variables (Coding)
    2. Using Different Data Types, Part 1 (Interface Design)
    3. Using Different Data Types, Part 2 (Coding)
    4. Using Different Data Types, Part 3 (Coding)
    5. String Methods, Part 1 (Coding/Interface Design)
    6. String Methods, Part 2 (Coding)
    7. Using the .NET Framework (Coding)
    8. Classes Versus structs
    9. Method Nesting
    10. Enumerations
    11. Exceptions
    12. Variable scope
  4. Chapter 4 : Flow Control
    1. If/Else Simple Version
    2. If/Else If/Else, Part 1
    3. If/Else If/Else, Part 2
    4. If/Else with Methods
    5. Ternary Operator, Part1
    6. Ternary Operator, Part 2
    7. Switch Blocks
    8. Logical AND
    9. Modern Switch Blocks, Part 1
    10. Modern Switch Blocks, Part 2
    11. Modern Switch Blocks, Part 3
    12. TryParse Method With Datetime
    13. Tryparse Source Code
  5. Chapter 5 : Loops and If/Else
    1. Changing Variables Using Compound Operations
    2. While Loops, Easy Example
    3. While Loops, Practical Example, Part 1
    4. While Loops, Practical Example, Part 2
    5. For Loops, Basic Example
    6. For Loops, Basic Example, Part 2
    7. If with Rich Text Boxes, Part 1
    8. If with Rich Text Boxes, Part 2
    9. Gridviews with For Loops, Part 1
    10. Gridviews with For Loops, Part 2
    11. Working with Double Loops
    12. Foreach Loops with Arrays, Part 1
    13. Foreach Loops with Arrays, Part 2
    14. Picture Browser, Part 1
    15. Picture Browser, Part 2
    16. Picture Browser, Part 3
    17. Picture Browser, Part 4
    18. Picture Browser, Part 5
    19. Picture Browser, Part 6
    20. Picture Browser, Part 7
    21. Image Browser, Part 8
    22. Image Browser, Part 9
    23. Image Browser, Part 10
    24. Image Browser, Part 11
    25. Image Browser, Part 12
    26. Image Browser, Part 13
    27. Image Browser, Part 14
    28. Image Browser, Part 15
    29. Image Browser, Part 16
    30. Image Browser, Part 17, Fix Issues with Crashing Code
  6. Chapter 6 : Shape Calculator Project
    1. Overview of the Ideas Behind the Shape Calculator
    2. Notes Box Interface
    3. Save File Dialog for Notes Panel
    4. Open File Dialog for Notes Panel
    5. Rectangle Panel Interface Layout
    6. Tooltip Code for Rectangle Panel
    7. Copy To Clip Board Rectangle Label
    8. Code for Calculating Area/Perimeter, Step 1
    9. Code for Calculating Area/Perimeter, Step 2
    10. Add Border to Label Panel
    11. Add Border to Label Panel
    12. Make Interface for Cylinder Object
    13. Combo Box for Switching Panels
    14. Volume Button for Cylinder Object
    15. Copy Ability for Volume Label
  7. Chapter 7 : Financial Calculator Project
    1. Overview of the Project
    2. Add Tab Control
    3. Add Images to Tab Pages
    4. Picture Box with Formulas
    5. Add Printing Font Objects to Bottom
    6. Overview of Formulas Used in Project
    7. Add Calculations Tab Interface Parts
    8. Add Menu Items
    9. Discrete Compounding Code, Part 1
    10. Discrete Compounding Code, Part 2
    11. Continuous Compounding Code
    12. Print Preview, Print Dialog, Color Dialog
    13. Print Event Code
    14. Change Right to Upper in Menu
    15. Printing the Formulas Image Box
    16. Printing the Text Boxes
  8. Chapter 8 : 4 Panel Picture Maker, Emailer, Downloader and Printer
    1. Overview of the Project
    2. Interface Layout 1
    3. Interface Layout 2
    4. Add Dialog Objects
    5. Add Yellow Highlighting to Boxes
    6. Add Ability to Load Pictures into All the Boxes
    7. Add Ability to Print to Files and Printers
    8. Add Previewing and Set Default Mode to Land Scape
    9. Add User Interface Elements for Downloading Pictures from the Web
    10. Write Code to Download Files From the Internet 1
    11. Write Code to Download Files from the Internet 2
    12. Fix Up the Filter on the Save File Dialog Object
    13. Configure Gmail to Accept Smtp Communications
    14. Email Code Part 1
    15. Email Code Part 2
    16. Email Code Part 2 Additional Information
    17. Use Regular Expressions to Confirm Email Box Entry Format is Correct
  9. Chapter 9 : Text and Rich Text File Merger
    1. Text/RTF File Merger Overview
    2. Layout Interface
    3. Get Files
    4. Code File Merger Part 1
    5. Code File Merger Part 2
    6. Unintended Benefit of Our Code Design
    7. Add Ability to Merge Rtf and Text Files
    8. Prevent Code Crashes
    9. Add More Options to the File Filter
    10. Interface Parts for Saving to Files
    11. Code for Saving Files
    12. Interface Changes for Saving Word Files
    13. Code for Saving Word Files
  10. Chapter 10 : Database Project
    1. Project Overview
    2. Install SQL Tools
    3. Add a Database with a Table
    4. Add Some Table Entries
    5. Make the Main Form
    6. Run the Child Form from the Main Form
    7. Add Ability to Arrange Forms in Three Different Forms
    8. Layout Contacts Interface Part 1
    9. Layout Contacts Interface Part 2
    10. Layout Contacts Interface Part 3
    11. Add Code to Load Picture Into Box
    12. Add Code to Show an Enlarged Version of the Picture
    13. Add Image Column to Table
    14. Connect Datagridview to Table
    15. Learn How to Easily Copy Table and Reconnect Fast
    16. Add Code to Delete Records
    17. Rename All the Fields in the Datagridview
    18. Add Code to Update Records
    19. Add Code to Add Images to Database Table Using Data Grid View
    20. Add Insert Query
    21. Add Code to Read Values From Boxes into Table
    22. Confirm Insertion Code Works
    23. Add Code for Searching Through Records
    24. Add Code For Clearing Boxes
    25. Add Code Ensuring Only Images are Loaded
    26. Add Code to Search by Date
    27. Change Tab Order and Visual Styles
    28. Load Data from Datagridview to Boxes
    29. Export to Excel
    30. Add Ability to Delete From Row Header
    31. Fix Issue with Leftover Text in File Name Box
    32. Detach Database
    33. Install SQL Server 2019
    34. Confirm Local DB is Updated
    35. Update the Table and Set the Identity_Cache
    36. Confirm ID is Okay by Adding and Removing Records
    37. Change the Anchor Property of the Datagridview Object
    38. Add Ability to Export to a Text File
    39. Fix Up Box with Date Time Picker for Sorting by Date
    40. Control Position of Date Time Picker Pop Up
    41. Create a Custom Message Box
    42. Run the Custom Message Box
    43. Export Selected Rows to Excel
    44. Clear Picture Box
    45. Add Code to Export to Word, Part 1
    46. Add Code to Export to Word, Part 2
  11. Chapter 11 : List Calculator Project
    1. List Calculator Overview
    2. Add Input Box and Square Root
    3. Add Output Labels and Conversion to Numerical Form Code
    4. Add Square Root Button Code
    5. Add Sum Button Code
    6. Add Product Button Code
    7. Add Average Button and Code
    8. Deviations Button and Code
    9. Sum of Squares Button and Code
    10. Variance Button and Code
    11. Standard Deviation Button and Code
    12. Percent Button and Code
    13. Copy Output Label Text Back into Input Box
    14. Improve the GetDevs Method and Button Handler
    15. Power of Each Value Button and Code, Step 1
    16. Power Method, Step 2
    17. Improve Square Root Display and Product Display
  12. Chapter 12 : Miscellaneous
    1. Create a Windows Form Project by Coding Each Part

Product information

  • Title: Learn C# with Windows Forms and a Variety of Projects
  • Author(s): Tom Owsiak
  • Release date: October 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781803234489