Learn FileMaker Pro 16: The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases

Book description

Extend FileMaker's built-in functionality and totally customize your data management environment with specialized functions and menus to super-charge the results and create a truly unique and focused experience. This book includes everything a beginner needs to get started building databases with FileMaker and contains advanced tips and techniques that the most seasoned professionals will appreciate. Written by a long time FileMaker developer, this book contains material for developers of every skill level. 

FileMaker Pro 16 is a powerful database development application used by millions of people in diverse industries to simplify data management tasks, leverage their business information in new ways and automate many mundane tasks. A custom solution built with FileMaker can quickly tap into a powerful set of capabilities and technologies to offer users an intuitive and pleasing environment in which to achieve new levels of efficiency and professionalism. 

What You’ll learn

  • Create SQL queries to build fast and efficient formulas
  • Discover new features of version 16 such as JSON functions, Cards, Layout Object window, SortValues, UniqueValues, using variables in Data Sources 
  • Write calculations using built-in and creating your own custom functions
  • Discover the importance of a good approach to interface and technical design
  • Apply best practices for naming conventions and usage standards 
  • Explore advanced topics about designing professional, open-ended solutions and using advanced techniques
Who This Book Is For

Casual programmers, full time consultants and IT professionals. 

Product information

  • Title: Learn FileMaker Pro 16: The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases
  • Author(s): Mark Conway Munro
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484228630