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Learn How to Use Alteryx and Tableau to Quickly Blend Data and Gain Insights Through Visualization

Video Description

If you want to learn how to pull together data sources and analyze results quickly and efficiently—without having to rely on IT, Business Intelligence, and Data Science teams—this screencast is for you. Host Kristin Scholer will show you how to navigate Alteryx and Tableau, two software programs that can make you a rockstar when it comes to obtaining and analyzing data.

  • Alteryx, the software leader in self-service analytics, enables you to prep, blend, and analyze data with simple drag and drop tools, eliminating the need to learn complex code. You’ll be able to connect to several data sources and create repeatable processes that run and analyze data in minutes.
  • Tableau is the prominent data visualization software that allows you to easily interact with data to gain faster insights. With Tableau, you can perform data analysis on the fly, and its dashboard capabilities make it easy for you to present your findings.

No previous experience is required. If you’ve created simple formulas in Excel, and have a basic understanding of data structures, you may have an easier time. Once you clean your data with Alteryx, Tableau will help you understand and communicate what’s happening within your data set.

Kristin Scholer is Insight & Analytics Director at Ansira, a data-driven marketing agency in Dallas. She has 11 years of experience in applying analytics to various business units such as marketing, sales, and operations across multiple industries. Kristen has used Tableau since 2011, and Alteryx since 2013