Learn How to Code: The Complete Core Java Programming Course

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More than enough concepts are covered for professionals learning Java for Selenium

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  • Learn Java programming through practical sessions
  • Get an in-depth understanding of basic and advanced Java concepts
  • Perfect course for manual testers aspiring to switch into the automation world

In Detail

The course starts with the basics of Java, including installation and the environment. Furthermore, we will explore object-oriented programming in Java, data encapsulation, inheritance, and abstraction in Java. We will also look at data structures in Java such as arrays, linked lists, hash sets, linked hash sets, and so on. Moving on, we will which regular expressions in Java and exception handling in Java.

This course is designed to take you through the core Java concepts with the help of practical examples and coding exercises to ensure you learn effectively. In addition to this, you will also explore the concept of object-oriented programming, gradually building on your skills. Later, the course will show you how to effectively work with the file system in Java.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed in Java programming and be able to apply your skills in the real world.


This course is for anyone, from beginners who want to learn how to code and are just getting started in the programming world, to software and QE testing professionals. It can also be taken by manual testing professionals, selenium testers, automation aspirants, and software engineers.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Basic Concepts of Java Programming
    1. Introduction
    2. JDK 10 Installation
    3. Eclipse Installation
    4. Writing Your First Java Program
    5. Primitive Data Types in Java
    6. Arithmetic Operators in Java
    7. Logical and Bitwise Operators
    8. Relational Operators in Java
    9. If - Condition
    10. Nested If - Condition
    11. "For" Loop in Java
    12. Hands-On Exercise on the "For" Loop
    13. "Nested For" Loop
    14. Hands-On Exercise on the "Nested For" Loop
    15. "While" and "Do While" Loop in Java
    16. Loop "Break" and "Continue" Statements
  2. Chapter 2 : String Operations
    1. String Basics
    2. String Comparison Operations
    3. String Search Operations
    4. String (Cut) Slice Operations
    5. String Replace Operations
    6. String Conversion Operations
  3. Chapter 3 : Object-Oriented Programming
    1. Concept of Classes and Objects
    2. Classes and Objects - Exercise 1
    3. Methods in Java
    4. Method Overloading
    5. Access Specifiers in Java
    6. Constructor
    7. Data Encapsulation
    8. Static Keyword
    9. Concept of Main Method
    10. Classes and Object - Exercise 2
  4. Chapter 4 : Special Classes in Java
    1. Math Class
    2. StringBuilder Class
    3. StringBuilder Method
    4. Scanner Class
    5. Random Class
    6. The Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) Class
  5. Chapter 5 : What's New in Java 10?
    1. "var" Keyword
    2. Concept of Garbage Collector (GC) and Java 10 Update in GC
    3. Other Updates in Java 10
  6. Chapter 6 : Inheritance and Abstraction
    1. Inheritance in Java
    2. Method Overriding
    3. Polymorphism
    4. "Super" Keyword
    5. Super Class Constructor
    6. Protected Access
    7. Abstraction
    8. Interface
    9. "Final" Keyword
  7. Chapter 7 : Arrays
    1. Arrays in Java
    2. Array Object
    3. Modified/Enhanced "For" loop
    4. Array Exercise
    5. Two-Dimensional (2D) Arrays
    6. Two-Dimensional (2D) Array Exercise
    7. Array of OBJECT
  8. Chapter 8 : Lists
    1. Array List
    2. Linked List Structure
    3. Linked List
    4. ArrayList Versus LinkedList
    5. List Iterator
  9. Chapter 9 : Sets and Maps
    1. Hash Set
    2. Linked Hash Set
    3. Tree Set
    4. Iterating over Sets
    5. Hash Map
    6. Tree Map
    7. Iterating on Maps
  10. Chapter 10 : Regular Expressions
    1. Introduction to RegEx (Regular Expressions)
    2. Quantifiers in RegEx (Regular Expressions)
    3. Character Classes in RegEx (Regular Expressions)
    4. Bracket Expressions in RegEx (Regular Expressions)
    5. "OR" Operator
    6. "Dot" Operator
    7. Greedy and Lazy Matching
    8. RegEx (Regular Expressions) Exercise 1
    9. RegEx (Regular Expressions) Exercise 2
    10. Regularizing Number Ranges
  11. Chapter 11 : Exception Handling
    1. What Is an Exception?
    2. Error Versus Exception
    3. Checked and Unchecked Exceptions
    4. "Throws" Declaration
    5. Try and Catch Block (Exception Handling)
    6. "Finally" Block
  12. Chapter 12 : Date and Time Operations (Rev Java 8)
    1. Local Date and Time
    2. Customizing Date and Time
    3. Future and Past Date
    4. Future and Past Time
    5. Date Difference
    6. Time Difference
    7. Date-Time Formatter
  13. Chapter 13 : Working with Text Files (Apache Commons IO)
    1. Reading a Text File Using Apache Commons IO
    2. Editing a Text File Using Apache Commons IO
    3. Interview Question - Sorting a Line from a Text File
    4. Copying and Moving Text Files
    5. Interview Question - Removing Duplicate Words from a Text File
  14. Chapter 14 : Working with MS Excel Files (Apache POI)
    1. Apache POI Setup
    2. Reading Excel File Using POI
    3. Read Excel Data into a 2D Array
    4. Interview Question - Write Excel Using POI

Product information

  • Title: Learn How to Code: The Complete Core Java Programming Course
  • Author(s): Mayur Deshmukh
  • Release date: May 2022
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800568471