Chapter 1

  1. What are the two types of app that can be built? Canvas apps and model-driven apps
  2. What is the name of the underlying database? Common data service (CDS)
  3. What is used to bridge PowerApps and Flows to other systems? Connectors
  4. What technology can be used to access on-premise data sources? Data gateway
  5. Which type of app allows you full control over the layout of your components? Canvas app
  6. What can be used to control the potential values of a data field? Option sets
  7. Who do I need to share with to make my app an "org app"? Everyone
  8. If I want to use the data gateway, which license do I need to buy? A per-app or per-user plan
  9. Which submenu would I use to insert a pen input control? Insert
  10. What are the two views that I can ...

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