Tracing connectivity

In this subsection, we will create a demo project hosting a single httpd pod in order to see first-hand how the overlay network is constructed in OpenShift.

  1. First, let's create the project:
# oc new-project demo...
  1. Then, create a pod running Apache web server in the project:
# cat httpd-pod.yml apiVersion: v1kind: Podmetadata:  name: httpd  labels:    role: webspec:  containers:  - name: httpd    image: manageiq/httpd    resources:      requests:        cpu: 400m        memory: 128Mi# oc create -f httpd-pod.ymlpod "httpd" created
  1. We will need the IP address allocated to the pod, as well as the address of the node it was scheduled to:
# oc describe po/httpd | grep '\(Node\|IP\):'Node:
  1. Another step is to get ...

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