Learn Popular Retail Strategies (Collection)

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The world's #1 guide to retail success, complete with crucial, up-to-date insights--including new case studies, ideas, strategies, and tactics from today's best retailers, like TopShop, IKEA, and Best Buy. Smart Retailincorporates several valuable chapters, including:

  • Opportunities to learn from past retail pioneers: simple yet effective strategies your competitors have forgotten.

  • How to use data to drive profit and growth.

  • How to do more with less, and maximize the value each team member brings to the table.

  • How to use new technology to develop highly productive, innovative "Remote Teams".

  • Covering everything from creating the ultimate retail experience to understanding the customer and the importance of motivated workers, this is the book that will equip managers, team-workers, retail entrepreneurs and indeed anybody who sells direct to customers, with practical winning ideas and strategies.


    Retail marketing is undergoing cataclysmic change, driven by upheavals in media, consumer attitudes, and the retail industry itself. Retailers know they must invest more heavily in marketing, both to build brands and to drive sales. But how? In Shopper Intimacy, two leading experts offer the first comprehensive, research-based guide to building winning retail marketing programs. Drawing on a decade of customer research, the authors introduce:


  • A start-to-finish system for planning and executing effective campaigns. ¿

  • Powerful new tools for influencing shopper behavior and driving better results.

  • Practical, workable techniques for measuring performance – including a breakthrough approach for measuring ROI from the standpoint of all stakeholders. ¿

  • Best practices models for integrating internal and syndicated research.

  • Trend analysis to help retailers chart the future trajectory of marketing, and position themselves appropriately.

  • ¿

    Shopper Intimacy contains extensive case studies, charts, pictures, and illustrations designed to deepen marketers’ understanding. Above all, it presents practical learnings that cut across all retail segments, with data to support the authors’ conclusions, and techniques for successfully applying them.

    Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents
    5. Smart Retail: Winning Ideas and Strategies from the Most Successful Retailers in the World
      1. Copyright Page
      2. Dedication Page
      3. Acknowledgments
      4. Photo Acknowledgments
      5. Introduction to this Edition
        1. How to get the best from Smart Retail
      6. Preface—Why retailing?
        1. That there Internet thing
        2. Asking the questions
        3. Is it rocket science?
        4. Brass tacks
        5. Stars of the shop floor
      7. Part One—You: Starting at the beginning.
        1. Chapter One. What do you want for yourself?
          1. Action-planning means doing stuff
          2. Raw passion makes us great
        2. Chapter Two. Rising above the crowd
          1. Volunteer for things
          2. Introduce yourself to people at every meeting
          3. Make good use of the ideas program if there is one
          4. Give people your cell phone number
          5. Form an opinion
          6. Specialize
          7. Produce the goods
        3. Chapter Three. Keeping it simple
          1. Talk is cheap but it’s worth lots
        4. Chapter Four. Rolling those snowballs
          1. Reading stores the practical way
      8. Part Two—Team: Make us happy and we will make you money.
        1. Chapter Five. What’s the Big Idea?
          1. Differentiation
        2. Chapter Six. How to build great teams
          1. Leadership
          2. Why bother building a great team?
          3. Reasons not to?
          4. Service Profit Chain
          5. The three cornerstones
          6. Values
          7. Walking the talk
          8. Street Time
          9. Flight to quality
          10. The respect deal
          11. Ownership—the value of mistakes
          12. Behaviors
          13. Easy ways to “do” recognition
        3. Chapter Seven. How to get people out of bed
          1. The components of motivation
          2. Show me the money—financial reward
          3. The stick to your carrot—implied sanction
          4. Treat me like a grown-up—self-respect
          5. Let’s have a laugh now—using non-financial rewards
          6. Team meetings
        4. Chapter Eight. All we need is a little better every time
          1. Gathering improvement ideas
          2. Statistics can make you go blind—the measurement trap
          3. Go with your gut feel
          4. Room for improvement
      9. Part Three—Customer: Make me happy and I will give you my money.
        1. Chapter Nine. We love shopping here!
          1. Great customer service
          2. We need answers on this customer service thing
          3. Great moments
          4. People make the difference to great customer experiences
          5. This year, I pledge my loyalty
          6. First-visit advantage
          7. The four rules of performance improvement
          8. Priorities
          9. Added value
          10. What I need—what I want
        2. Chapter Ten. Price and value
          1. Everyday low prices (ELP)
          2. Making bargains the star
          3. Oi! That’s my planet too—the costs of consumption
        3. Chapter Eleven. Promote or die
          1. 28 promotions
        4. Chapter Twelve. Marketing for real people
          1. Advertising made simple
          2. Marketing things to make and do
          3. Easy ABC database marketing
          4. Keeping track—measurement
      10. Part Four—Store: Make it brilliant and they will spend.
        1. The Fundamentals
        2. Chapter Thirteen. Discovery!
          1. Point of discovery
          2. Benefits of building formats around discovery
          3. Linking it all together
          4. The different types of discovery
          5. Traditional promotion-led discovery
          6. Service-led discovery
          7. Product-led discovery
          8. Format-led discovery
        3. Chapter Fourteen. The great big theater of shop
          1. Us, the moles, and the bats
          2. Fundamentals of retail theater
          3. The theater of demonstration—why shopping channel presenters are unheralded geniuses
        4. Chapter Fifteen. Detail, detail, detail—the store environment
          1. Look and feel
          2. Transition zone
          3. Baskets
          4. Promotional hot spots
          5. Back wall
          6. Cash register
          7. Impulse buys
          8. Sight-lines
          9. Signage
        5. Chapter Sixteen. And finally ... how we got here
          1. The really early days
          2. Places of retail
          3. Department stores
          4. The retail kings
      11. Epilogue—And we’re done?
        1. Further Smart Retail
      12. Appendix I. Your job and Smart Retail
        1. Store manager
        2. Store owner
        3. Team member
        4. Assistant store manager (ASM)
        5. Area/regional manager
        6. Central functions (marketing, sales operations, administration, and so on)
      13. Appendix II. Take-action time
        1. Time plan
      14. Appendix III. Street time
        1. What do we do?
      15. Appendix IV. Books for retailers
      16. Index
    6. Shopper Intimacy: A Practical Guide to Leveraging Marketing Intelligence to Drive Retail Success
      1. Copyright Page
      2. Dedication Page
      3. Praise for Shopper Intimacy
      4. Acknowledgments
      5. About the Authors
      6. Introduction
      7. 1. REAP (Retail Ecosystem Analytics Process)
        1. Utilizing REAP to Deliver Consistent Results
        2. Shopper Analysis Integration
        3. Case Studies
        4. Summary
        5. Endnotes
      8. 2. Measuring Marketing at Retail in Supermarkets
        1. Overview
        2. Phase One—POPAI’s Channel Studies
        3. Endnotes
      9. 3. Measuring Marketing at Retail in Convenience Stores
        1. Overview
        2. Learning One: Retail Marketing Execution Techniques Concentrated
        3. Learning Two: Marketing Messages Concentrated
        4. Learning Three: Huge Premium for Excellence
        5. Learning Four: Brand Size Drives Outpost Display Activity
        6. Learning Five: Category Response Varies Widely by Message Location
        7. Learning Six: Borrowed Interest Has a Disproportionate Impact on Smaller Brands
        8. Learning Seven: Strong Brand Expression Significantly Outperforms Generic Treatment
        9. Learning Eight: Store Is Not Overloaded with Retail Marketing Material
        10. Learning Nine: Effectiveness Ratio Predicts Sales Success
        11. Learning Ten: Retailer Analysis Yields Success Implementation Model
        12. Endnotes
      10. 4. Measuring Marketing at Retail in Drug Stores
        1. Overview
        2. Learning One: Many Key Results Consistent with Other Studies
        3. Learning Two: Retail Marketing Effectiveness Higher in Chain Drug Stores
        4. Learning Three: Message Matters
        5. Learning Four: Promotion/Advertising Consistently Enhances Impact
        6. Learning Five: Brand-Focused Messages More Effective
        7. Learning Six: Price Savings Drive Impulse Results
        8. Learning Seven: Value Message Drives Private Label
        9. Learning Eight: Shopper Actions Differ from Words
        10. Learning Nine: RFID Tracking Delivers Reliable, Real-Time Data
        11. Learning Ten: Retail Audience and CPM Very Attractive
        12. Endnotes
      11. 5. Establishing In-Store Marketing Measures
        1. Retail Marketing Metrics
        2. Definitions
        3. Potential Reach
        4. Actual Audience Reach
        5. In-Store Rating Points
        6. Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
        7. Audience Delivery Worksheet
        8. Phase One Summary
        9. Phase Two—Nielsen’s PRISM Project
        10. Research Learnings
        11. Summary
        12. Endnotes
      12. 6. Capturing Shopping Dynamics in Store
        1. Overview
        2. Market Tests
        3. Examples of Retail Marketing Ratios
        4. Potential Applications
        5. Recap
        6. Summary
        7. The Retail Marketing Model Shifts
        8. Endnotes
      13. 7. Shopper Models
        1. Retail Marketing Definition
        2. Shopper Understanding
        3. Summary
        4. Endnotes
      14. 8. Decision Drivers
        1. Retail Factors and Purchase Decision Types
        2. Financial Impact of Presentation Optimization
        3. Retail Success Drivers
        4. Leveraging Related Items
        5. Shaping Opportunities
        6. Emotional Power
        7. Practical Learnings
        8. Summary
        9. Endnotes
      15. 9. Online Retailing
        1. Applying Learning and Traditional Tools
        2. Managing Online Dynamics
        3. Online Tools
        4. Endnotes
      16. 10. Measuring Return on Investment
        1. Delivering Results
        2. Retail Tools
        3. Return on Investment Models
        4. Achieving Success Through Shopper Intimacy
        5. Endnotes
      17. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Learn Popular Retail Strategies (Collection)
    • Author(s): Richard Hammond, Rick DeHerder, Dick Blatt
    • Release date: August 2013
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780133742510