Relief valve class

Relief valves are the last subclass of the Valve parent class, as demonstrated in the following code:

# (part 10)1 class Relief(Valve): 2 """Pressure relieving valve. 3 4 Assumes full open when open set point reached and fully closed when close set point reached. Does not affect flow rate or system pressure; those parameters must be adjusted elsewhere. 5 """ 6 def __init__(self, name="", sys_flow_in=0.0, sys_flow_out=0.0, drop=0.0, position=0, flow_coeff=0.0, press_in=0.0, open_press=0, close_press=0): 7 """Inherits base initialization and adds valve open/close pressure values.""" 8 super(Relief, self).__init__(name, sys_flow_in, sys_flow_out, drop, position, flow_coeff, press_in) 9 self.setpoint_open = open_press ...

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