Applying discounts

In this example, I want to show you a technique I like a lot. In many programming languages, other than the if/elif/else constructs, in whatever form or syntax they may come, you can find another statement, usually called switch/case, that in Python is missing. It is the equivalent of a cascade of if/elif/.../elif/else clauses, with a syntax similar to this (warning! JavaScript code!):

/* switch.js */switch (day_number) {    case 1:    case 2:    case 3:    case 4:    case 5:        day = "Weekday";        break;    case 6:        day = "Saturday";        break;    case 0:        day = "Sunday";        break;    default:        day = "";
        alert(day_number + ' is not a valid day number.')}

In the preceding code, we switch on a variable called day_number. This means we get its value and then we ...

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