The following code is for the class:

import org.openqa.selenium.*;import;import static org.testng.Assert.assertEquals;/** * @author Carl Cocchiaro * * Passion Tea Company Welcome Sub-class Page Object Class * */public class PassionTeaCoWelcomePO<M extends WebElement> extends PassionTeaCoBasePO<M> {    // local variables    private static final String WELCOME_TITLE = "Welcome";    private static final String MENU_TITLE = "Menu";    protected static enum WELCOME_PAGE_IMG    { PASSION_TEA_CO, LEAF, ORGANIC, TEA_CUP, HERBAL_TEA, LOOSE_TEA,       FLAVORED_TEA };    protected static enum MENU_LINKS    { MENU, MORE_1, MORE_2, HERBAL_TEA, LOOSE_TEA, FLAVORED_TEA,       SEE_COLLECTION1, SEE_COLLECTION2 ...

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