Chapter 8 – Standard Assembly Mates

  1. The SOLIDWORKS assembly environment allows us to combine more than one part together to form an assembly. Most of the products we use in our everyday lives such as phones, laptops, and pens are made of more than one part put together.
  2. Mates are what we use to link parts together. They allow us to set the type of interaction that would take place between different separate parts. Mates in SOLIDWORKS assemblies are very similar to relations in sketching. There are three types of mates: standard mates, advanced mates, and mechanical mates.
  3. The standard mates are as follows:
    •  Coincident
    •  Parallel
    •  Perpendicular
    •  Tangent
    •  Concentric
    •  Lock
    •  Distance
    •  Angle
  1. When making this assembly, we can insert the ...

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