Learn Tableau and Ace the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam

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Learn Tableau and crack the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam with detailed video tutorials, exam notes PDF, tips and tricks, and a full practice test along with solutions.

About This Video

  • Learn Tableau from scratch to ace the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam
  • Study guide PDF provided to revise the concepts
  • Exam tips and tricks with a dedicated section for exam tips

In Detail

This course is designed by considering the fact that you are an absolute beginner, and you’ll be taught even the most basic concepts in Tableau from scratch so that after completing this course, you will be able to create rich visualizations easily and confidently.

It will help you prepare and clear your Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam. In this course, you will find practice tests designed by keeping the current exam format in mind; you will find similar kinds of questions in the exam. We will also show you how to solve the questions in a faster way and all the detailed solutions are provided for the hands-on questions.

This course starts with the basic concepts of Tableau to refresh your knowledge. Then, you will look at field and chart types, and how to organize and simplify data. You will then move on to execute calculations, mapping, and analytics. After that, dashboards and data connection will be covered. Following that, you will go through exam tips and tricks.

Finally, you will be looking at some practice tests to reinforce your learning.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create rich visualizations easily and confidently, and you will be ready to ace your Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Getting Started with Tableau
    1. What will Be Covered
    2. About the Exam
    3. Software Installation and Create Tableau Public Profile
    4. Software Walkthrough
  2. Chapter 2 : Field and Chart Types
    1. Dimensions and Measures
    2. Discrete and Continuous Fields
    3. Discrete Date Parts and Continuous Date Values
    4. Understand Tableau-Generated Fields
    5. Histograms
    6. Crosstabs and Highlight Table
    7. Heatmaps
    8. Treemaps
    9. Bullet Graphs
    10. Combined Axis Charts
    11. Dual Axis Charts
    12. Scatter Plots
    13. Bar in Bar Charts
    14. Box Plots
    15. Use Title and Captions
    16. Tooltips (Viz in a Tooltip)
    17. Edit Axes
    18. Use Mark Labels and Annotations
  3. Chapter 3 : Organizing and Simplifying Data
    1. Filter Data - Dimension and Measure Filters
    2. Filter Data - Context Filter
    3. Sort Data
    4. Build Groups
    5. Build Hierarchies
    6. Build Sets
  4. Chapter 4 : Calculations
    1. String and Date Calculations
    2. Quick Table Calculations
    3. Quick Table Calculations - Scope and Direction
    4. Build Logic Statements
    5. Ratio Calculations
    6. Use Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions
    7. Fixed LOD
    8. Fixed LOD - Cohort Analysis
    9. Include LOD
    10. Exclude LOD
    11. Exclude LOD - Example
    12. Use Ad-Hoc Calculations
    13. Work with Aggregation Options
    14. Build Arithmetic Calculations
    15. Build Grand Totals and Sub-Totals
    16. Use Calculations in Join Clauses
  5. Chapter 5 : Mapping
    1. Symbol Maps
    2. Filled Maps
    3. Navigate Maps - Pan and Zoom, Filtering, Map Layering, Custom Territories
    4. Navigate Maps - Lasso and Radial Selection, Geographic Search
    5. Modify Locations within Tableau
    6. Import and Manage Custom Geocoding
    7. Use a Background Image Map
    8. Connect to Spatial Files
    9. Solution of Hands-On Question
  6. Chapter 6 : Analytics
    1. Reference Lines
    2. Reference Bands
    3. Reference Distributions and Box Plots
    4. Trend Lines
    5. Trend Models
    6. Forecasting
    7. Drag and Drop Analytics
    8. Statistical Summary Card
    9. Instant Analytics
    10. Data Highlighter
  7. Chapter 7 : Dashboards
    1. Build Dashboards and Design Dashboards for Viewing on Devices
    2. Create Dashboard Actions
    3. Create Stories
    4. Utilize Visual Best Practices for Viewing on Devices
    5. Describe Publishing Options
    6. Describe Sharing Options
  8. Chapter 8 : Data Connections
    1. Connect to Tableau Server
    2. Describe Connection Options and Connect to Different Data Source Types
    3. Join Tables from Single Database
    4. Join Tables from Multiple Database (Cross-Database Joins)
    5. Blending
    6. Metadata Grid
    7. Data Interpreter and Pivot
    8. Union
    9. Explain Data Extract Formats and Capabilities
    10. Difference between Live and Extract Connection
    11. Create Extracts with Multiple Tables
    12. Explain Performance Considerations between Blends, Joins, and Cross-Database Joins
    13. Use Automatic and Custom Split
  9. Chapter 9 : Exam Tips and Tricks
    1. Tableau Exam Version (2020.1)
    2. Use Show Me
    3. Use Tableau to Answer Theoretical Questions
    4. Use Google Search
    5. How to Manage Multiple Data Sources
  10. Chapter 10 : Practice Test
    1. Solution - Questions 1 to 6
    2. Solution - Questions 7 to 12
    3. Solution - Questions 13 to 18
    4. Solution - Questions 19 to 24
    5. Solution - Questions 25 to 30
    6. Solution - Questions 31 to 36

Product information

  • Title: Learn Tableau and Ace the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam
  • Author(s): Vivek P.
  • Release date: July 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801813235