One More Example

I think another example method would be helpful here. We’ll call this one english_number. It will take a number, like 22, and return the English version of it (in this case, the string 'twenty-two'). For now, let’s have it work only on integers from 0 to 100:

def​ english_number number
# We accept numbers from 0 to 100.
if​ number < 0
return​ ​'Please enter a number zero or greater.'
if​ number > 100
return​ ​'Please enter a number 100 or less.'
num_string = ​''​ ​# This is the string we will return.
# "left" is how much of the number
# we still have left to write out.
# "write" is the part we are
# writing out right now.
# write and left... get it? :)
left = number
write = left/100 ​# How many ...

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