Building the environment

The original Terrarium game was in 2D, because that was easier at the time, but now it's actually easier for us to make our version in 3D. Aside from that improvement, we will be using the poly animals and plants instead of 2D icons. First, we will need to build our world by following this exercise:

  1. Load up the Terrarium scene.
  2. From the menu, select GameObject | Create Empty. Rename the new object Environment.
  3. Right-click (Command click on macOS) the new Environment object and from the context menu, select 3D Object | Plane. Reset the plane's position to 0,0,0 if need be. Set the Transform | Scale to (5,1,5).
  4. Select the new Plane object in the Hierarchy window and then change the Material property of the Mesh Renderer ...

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