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Learn Your Way to Success: How to Customize Your Professional Learning Plan to Accelerate Your Career

Book Description

What did you learn at work today?

“Every employee who wants to succeed in business should read Tobin’s new book.”
—Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers Mojo and What Got You’re Here Won’t get You There

“Nothing less than a survival plan for a rewarding, relevant career. Read it if you are responsible for the careers and performance of others. Read it if you want to propel your own career. . . In any case, read it as part of your own commitment to learning.”
—Edward T. Reilly, President and CEO, American Management Association International

In today’s highly competitive work environment, continuous learning is an absolute necessity—a requirement to keep up with the latest innovations in your field and increase your productivity. Learn Your Way to Success helps you launch your career to new heights by being an “active learner.” It provides invaluable tools for:

  • Planning your personal learning agenda
  • Applying what you learn in a practical way
  • Using online learning resources to “learn what you need to learn”
  • Maximizing your learning at conferences or trade shows
  • Taking advantage of the unique learning opportunities of working in a team
  • Keeping track of what you have learned—and what you want to learn