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Learning Adobe Acrobat XI

Video Description

In this Adobe Acrobat XI training course, Michael Hoffman will show you that Acrobat is more than just PDF viewing software. In addition to reading PDFs with Acrobat 11, you can create, manipulate, print and manage files using a powerful set of tools. This video tutorial is designed for the beginner, and you do not require any previous Acrobat experience to get the most from this training. Michael begins the course with a quick tour of the Acrobat interface, showing you how to access the tools you will be using throughout the course. You will then explore how to create PDFs through Acrobat and other programs. Michael teaches you how to edit PDFs from right within Acrobat 11, how to combine files, add multimedia, insert 3D content and even how to add backgrounds and optimize your files. Acrobat contains powerful collaboration tools, and Michel will show you how to take full advantage of this. Finally, you will learn how to combine files into a portfolio and create bookmarks in your PDFs. By the time you have completed this Adobe Acrobat XI tutorial, you will be comfortable with the tools and techniques that are available to you to manage and manipulate your PDF files. You will discover that Acrobat is indeed, MORE than just a PDF viewing application! Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome To Acrobat XI
    1. What You Will Learn 00:01:42
    2. Using The Sample Files 00:00:37
  2. Introduction To Acrobat XI
    1. Acrobat Components 00:04:20
    2. Acrobat Interface 00:07:55
    3. Toolbars And Task Panes 00:10:43
    4. Navigating With Zoom Tools 00:08:46
    5. Other Navigation Tools 00:07:35
    6. Finding And Searching In PDFs 00:08:16
    7. Updating And Securing Acrobat 00:08:23
  3. Creating PDFs
    1. PDF Creation Settings 00:10:12
    2. Creating PDFs From Files 00:05:06
    3. Creating PDFs Using The PDF Printer 00:04:05
    4. Using PDFMaker With Microsoft Word 00:05:51
    5. Using PDFMaker With Microsoft Excel 00:05:22
    6. Using PDFMaker With Microsoft Powerpoint 00:06:01
    7. Scanning Into A PDF Document 00:13:53
    8. OCR - Convert Scans To Live Text 00:09:38
    9. Creating PDFs From Adobe Applications 00:08:26
    10. Creating PDFs From Web Pages 00:08:41
    11. Converting Email To PDF With Microsoft Outlook 00:08:05
  4. Editing PDFs
    1. Setting Initial Views 00:06:03
    2. Full Screen Mode And Transitions 00:06:49
    3. Creating And Editing Links 00:09:48
    4. Managing Text Flow With Articles 00:10:05
    5. Editing Text 00:05:14
    6. Touching Up Objects 00:05:17
    7. Formatting PDFs With Headers And Footers 00:08:31
    8. Enhancing PDFs With Backgrounds And Watermarks 00:07:44
    9. Attaching Files To PDFs 00:03:21
    10. Exporting PDFs To Microsoft Office 00:07:45
    11. Exporting PDF Contents To Files 00:05:10
  5. Advanced PDF Editing
    1. Combining Multiple Files Into PDFs 00:09:11
    2. Splitting A PDF Into Multiple Files 00:04:32
    3. Moving, Adding And Removing Pages In A PDF 00:06:04
    4. Extracting And Replacing Pages 00:04:45
    5. Adding Multimedia Content To PDFs 00:07:00
    6. Adding 3D Content To PDFs 00:11:42
    7. Adding Buttons To PDFs 00:11:45
    8. PDF Optimization 00:07:36
  6. Adding Bookmarks
    1. Using Bookmarks In A PDF 00:05:42
    2. Creating Bookmarks 00:07:18
    3. Linking Bookmarks To Views 00:04:40
    4. Modifying And Organizing Bookmarks 00:05:36
    5. Assigning Actions To Bookmarks 00:07:09
  7. Collaboration
    1. Methods Of Collaborating 00:03:22
    2. Adding Comments And Annotations 00:09:32
    3. Adding Drawing Markups 00:05:48
    4. Stamping And Creating Custom Stamps 00:04:36
    5. Sending For Email Review 00:06:20
    6. Sending For Shared Review 00:07:39
    7. Tracking PDF Review Results 00:04:34
  8. Combining Multiple Files Into A PDF Portfolio
    1. Introduction To PDF Portfolios 00:06:47
    2. Creating A PDF Portfolio 00:04:39
    3. Adding Files Or Folders To A Portfolio 00:03:23
    4. Customize Portfolio Appearance 00:06:26
    5. Portfolio Finishing Touches 00:05:11
    6. Compatibility With Older Versions 00:04:34
  9. Conclusion
    1. Further Studies And Resources 00:02:33