Introducing .NET Core 1.0

In this section, we will cover the basics of .NET Core 1.0 as a platform and the components involved in it.

The .NET Core 1.0 platform was reinvented for various reasons. The web stack of ASP.NET was pretty old and was started back in .NET Framework 1.0. ASP.NET was overweighed with a lot of old and unused code. Even the code it not used as it becomes unavoidable from loading them. The biggest one is System.Web, which is a linkage between the old ASP.NET and today's ASP.NET. MVC and Web API are trying to isolate themselves from System.Web.

Self-hosting of ASP.NET, MVC, and Web API is one of the objectives so that they can be hosted independently of the server platform. However, it was tied to the Windows platform ...

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