Apex CLI

The REST API can be used by automation tools and is also used by the Apex CLI, for which we will now provide a few examples.

More information about available commands can be found at http://apex.apache.org/docs/apex/apex_cli/.

Assuming the example application is still running, let's attach with the CLI and collect some details from it:

apex@apex-sandbox:~$ apex 
Apex CLI 3.5.0 14.03.2017 @ 08:14:36 UTC rev: d86f0da branch: d86f0da78b7be9bffb30b73c5fa762711dbce379 
apex> list-apps 
{"apps": [{ 
  "startTime": "2017-03-22 04:42:04 +0000", 
  "id": 2, 
  "name": "MyFirstApplication", 
  "state": "RUNNING", 
  "trackingUrl": "http:\/\/apex- sandbox:8088\/proxy\/application_1490156780107_0001\/", "finalStatus": "UNDEFINED", "tags": [] }]} 1 active, total ...

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