Learning Apple OS X Yosemite Server

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In this Learning Apple OS X Yosemite Server training course, expert author Chris Tarnowieckyi will teach you how to install, upgrade, and configure a Server. This course is designed for beginning and intermediate Mac users who are looking to learn about the Yosemite Server.

You will start with an introduction to the Server app, then jump into learning about advanced tools and management. From there, Chris will teach you about network infrastructure services, how to secure services with certificates, and basic directory services. This video tutorial also covers topics such as open directory, mobile device management, managing updates and apps, configuring the time machine, and file sharing. You will also learn about the mail server, web server, wiki server, and contacts server. Finally, you will learn how to configure the NetInstall service, as well as the Xcode service.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of installing and configuring an Apple OS X Yosemite Server. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome 00:02:59
    2. How To Use This Course 00:02:40
  2. Installation And Administration
    1. Evaluating Your Computer For Upgrades 00:04:44
    2. Preparing To Install Yosemite Server 00:03:42
    3. Upgrading To Yosemite 00:03:33
    4. Upgrading Server 00:06:40
    5. Migrating From A Previous Server 00:08:57
    6. Configuring An Administration Computer 00:07:26
    7. Installing A New Yosemite Server 00:04:08
  3. Introduction To Server App
    1. Touring The Server App Interface 00:08:05
    2. Managing Settings And Access 00:04:06
    3. Configuring Notifications 00:02:39
    4. Storing Service Data 00:05:00
    5. Integration For Airport Extreme Base Station Or Time Capsule 00:03:24
  4. Advanced Tools And Management
    1. Unix Command Line To Administer Servers - Part 1 00:06:32
    2. Unix Command Line To Administer Servers - Part 2 00:09:04
    3. Examining The Server Admin Command Line Tool 00:08:03
    4. Remote Command Line Administration 00:06:55
    5. Exploring Launchd Items 00:08:24
  5. Network Infrastructure Services
    1. Exploring Apple Networking 00:09:58
    2. Configuring Link Aggregate Networking For A Server 00:06:53
    3. DHCP Configuration 00:08:47
    4. Working With A Minimal DNS Service 00:04:04
    5. Configuring A DNS Server 00:08:24
    6. Configuring A Secondary DNS Server 00:03:35
    7. Configuring Network Time 00:03:32
    8. Configuring VPN 00:07:12
  6. Secure Services With Certificates
    1. Introduction To Security Certificates 00:08:29
    2. Managing And Creating Self Signed Certificates 00:04:28
    3. Generating A Certificate Signing Request 00:02:19
    4. Installing A CA Signed Certificate 00:05:07
    5. Configuring A Service With A Signed Certificate 00:04:13
    6. Creating Your Own CA 00:07:55
  7. Basic Directory Services
    1. Creating An Open Directory Master 00:07:19
    2. Managing An Open Directory Master 00:07:59
    3. Managing Users With Server App 00:08:36
    4. Managing Groups With Server App 00:05:49
    5. Managing User Home Folders And Group Shared Folders With Server App 00:08:42
    6. Managing Password Policies And Services Access With Server App 00:06:45
  8. Mobile Users
    1. Creating A Mobile Account 00:04:19
    2. Creating An External Account
  9. Open Directory
    1. Exploring Directory Utility
    2. Exporting Users And Groups
    3. Archiving And Restoring Open Directory
    4. Creating A Single Sign On Environment
    5. Creating Open Directory Replicas
    6. Managing Locales
    7. Cleaning Up Directory Services
  10. Mobile Device Management
    1. Starting Profile Manager
    2. Examining Enrollment Profiles
    3. Enrolling A Mac OS X Device
    4. Enrolling An iOS Device
    5. Configuring A Device Profile
    6. Configuring A Device Group Profile
    7. Enrolling And Deploying A Profile To An Apple TV
    8. Configuring A User Profile
    9. Configuring A Group Profile
    10. Using The Default Configuration Profile
    11. Configuring The Volume Purchase Program
    12. Using The Volume Purchase Program
    13. Managing Devices With The User Portal
    14. Managing Devices With The Profile Manager
  11. Updates To System Software And Apps
    1. Configuring The Caching Service
    2. Managing The Caching Service
    3. Monitoring The Caching Service
    4. Configuring And Managing The Software Update Service
    5. Configuring Software Update Service With The Defaults Write Command
    6. Configuring Software Update Service With Device Management
    7. Configuring A Cascading Software Update Service
    8. Software Update Alerts From Server App
  12. Time Machine
    1. Configuring The Time Machine Service
    2. Configuring A Server To Use Time Machine
    3. Examining The Backup Data For A Mac Client
    4. Examining The Backup Data For A Mac Server
    5. Restoring With Time Machine
    6. Managing The Time Machine Service
  13. File Sharing
    1. Configuring The File Sharing Service
    2. Options For Shared Folders
    3. Connecting With AFP
    4. Connecting With SMB
    5. Connecting With WebDAV
    6. Configuring And Connecting With FTP
    7. Configuring And Connecting With NFS
  14. Mail Server
    1. Configuring The Mail Service And Mail Accounts With Server App
    2. Deploying Mail Settings
    3. Examining Advanced Mail Service Settings
  15. Web Server
    1. Configuring The Web Service With A Default Website
    2. Exploring The Default Website
    3. Creating A Custom Website
    4. Viewing Website Log Files
    5. Restricting Access To A Secure Website
    6. Exploring Simple Web Apps
    7. Disabling And Deleting A Website
  16. Wiki Server
    1. Configuring The Wiki Services In Server App
    2. Creating A Wiki
    3. Creating And Editing Content
    4. Collaborating And Sharing Files In A Wiki
    5. Searching For Content
    6. Email Notifications
    7. Exploring The Blogs In The Wiki Service
    8. Exploring The Personal Wiki Settings
  17. Calendar Server
    1. Configuring The Calendar Service
    2. Deploying Calendar Settings
    3. Creating Locations And Resources
    4. Exploring The Calendar Service
    5. Delegate And Shared Calendars
  18. Contacts Server
    1. Configuring Contacts Service
    2. Deploying Contacts Settings
    3. Adding Contact Information To The Directory Service
    4. Batch Importing People Into The Directory Service
  19. Messages Server
    1. Configuring The Messages Service
    2. Deploying Messages Settings
    3. Exploring The Messages Server From Messages App
    4. Examining Messages Log Files
  20. NetInstall
    1. Configuring The NetInstall Service
    2. Creating A NetBoot Image With System Image Utility
    3. Deploying A NetBoot Image
    4. Creating A NetInstall Image With System Image Utility
    5. Creating A NetRestore Image With System Image Utility
    6. Deploying NetInstall And NetRestore Images
  21. Xcode Service
    1. Configuring The Xcode Service
    2. Creating And Accessing Source Code Repositories
    3. Creating And Managing A Bot
    4. Monitoring With The Report Navigator And Web Browser
  22. Conclusion
    1. Where To Get More Information

Product information

  • Title: Learning Apple OS X Yosemite Server
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2015
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771373531