Appendix D. Answers to Quizzes and Exercises

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Answers to Quiz Questions

  1. You can create a new web site by selecting File → New Web Site, or by clicking the “Create: Web Site” link on the Start page.

  2. The three views are Design view, which shows you the appearance of your page, Source view, which shows you the markup, and Split view, which shows both.

  3. The settings that are specific to each control are called properties, and you can view them in the Properties window of the IDE.

  4. The controls are kept in the Toolbox, which is on the left side of the IDE by default.

  5. There are three different ways to run your program with debugging: click Debug → Start Debugging, press F5, or click the Start Debugging icon on the toolbar.

  6. The Click event.

  7. The code for the event handler is located in the code-behind file.

  8. You can get to the code-behind file by selecting the file in the Solution Explorer, or by double-clicking the control whose default event you want to set up.

  9. Use the Label control’s Text property to set the content of the label. You’ll see that many controls have a Text property that you can set.

  10. When you click the button in Hello World, you raise the Click event. The code for the event handler is evaluated at the server, which redraws the page and sends it back to the browser, causing a noticeable flicker. In Chapter 2, you’ll see how to avoid that.

Answer to Exercise

Exercise 1-1. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer to this exercise; you’re just playing around with the ...

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