Moon Travel Planner: Adding Icons

You may have noticed that, after you build and run the Moon Travel Planner application, the Finder uses generic icons to represent the application and its document files. In this section, you’ll add icons that inspire an interest in the moon and lunar travel. You won’t need to design any icons; just download the materials provided for this book. See the preface for details.

You’ll do the following:

  1. Import images into Icon Composer.

  2. Add icon files to the Moon Travel Planner project.

  3. Register the application file.

  4. Add a document type to the Moon Travel Planner project.

  5. Make sure the icons display in the Finder.


An important prerequisite to adding icons to your application is adding the application’s creator code to the property list. You already entered the Moon Travel Planner creator code, 'MTPP', in Chapter 10.

Import Images to Icon Composer

Icon Composer creates a file with a .icns extension in the format used by Mac OS X to store icons. You’ll only import a thumbnail image for the Moon Travel Planner application. You’d use the same procedure to import images of other sizes, if you had them.

Follow these steps to create Icon Composer files for the application and document icons provided with the Moon Travel Planner application. These icons are in the MTP.tif and MTPDoc.tif files, respectively. See the preface for details on how to obtain the materials.

You should follow these procedures twice: once to create an Icon Composer file for the application ...

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