Appendix B. Additional Resources

If your mission is to produce commercial-quality software for Mac OS X, Learning Cocoa with Objective-C has provided a great liftoff, but your journey to market still has a fair distance to go. This appendix lists information about the documents referred to in this book and points you to other resources that can further help you in your Cocoa application development. These resources include the following:

  • Cocoa and Mac OS X books aimed at the general programmer audience

  • Articles and postings about particular Cocoa programming topics

  • Sample code

  • Cocoa developer mailing lists and newsgroups

  • Partnership programs with Apple Computer

Your first source of additional information pertaining to the material presented in this book is the book’s own web site, located at the following URL:

At this site, you’ll find the book’s sample code available for downloading, as well as any errata and plans for future editions.

Documentation on Your Hard Drive

Many of the best resources on Cocoa development are installed on your hard drive:

Mac OS X Release Notes

Updated with every release of Mac OS X, these notes are typically one step ahead of the rest of Apple’s documentation. You should read through these every time you update your system so that you can stay on top of the latest and greatest trends.


Cocoa Developer Documentation

The one-stop shop to get access to all the nitty-gritty documentation ...

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