Creating a nice visual flow for the Continuous Integration pipeline

So far, we have created around six Jenkins jobs in total, segregated across three Jenkins pipelines:

  • Pipeline to poll the Feature1 branch:
    • Poll_Build_UnitTest_Feature1_Branch
    • Merge_Feature1_Into_Integration_Branch
  • Pipeline to poll the Feature2 branch:
    • Poll_Build_UnitTest_Feature2_Branch
    • Merge_Feature2_Into_Integration_Branch
  • Pipeline to poll the integration branch:
    • Poll_Build_StaticCodeAnalysis_IntegrationTest_Integration_Branch
    • Upload_Package_To_Artifactory

All the three pipelines combined complete our CI Design.


There were actually two Jenkins pipelines discussed as part of our CI Design. However, we have three now. This is just because we have two feature branches; we still have two ...

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