Switch statements

Go also supports a switch statement similar to that found in other languages such as, C or Java. The switch statement in Go achieves multi-way branching by evaluating values or expressions from case clauses, as shown in the following, abbreviated, source code:

import "fmt" type Curr struct { Currency string Name string Country string Number int } var currencies = []Curr{ Curr{"DZD", "Algerian Dinar", "Algeria", 12}, Curr{"AUD", "Australian Dollar", "Australia", 36}, Curr{"EUR", "Euro", "Belgium", 978}, Curr{"CLP", "Chilean Peso", "Chile", 152}, Curr{"EUR", "Euro", "Greece", 978}, Curr{"HTG", "Gourde", "Haiti", 332}, ... } func isDollar(curr Curr) bool { var bool result switch curr { default: result = false case Curr{"AUD", "Australian ...

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