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Adam L. Davis, Learning Groovy, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2117-4_11

11. Groovy Awesomeness

Adam L. Davis

(1)New York, USA

This short chapter introduces various useful frameworks within the Groovy ecosystem. Some of these will be described more fully in later chapters.

Web and UI Frameworks

The following are web and user-interface frameworks that are built on top of Groovy, or where Groovy is supported.

Grails 1

Web-framework inspired by Ruby-on-Rails; has at least 800 plugins.

Griffon 2

Swing UI command-line very similar to Grails: create-app cool -archetype=jumpstart

vert.x 3

A framework for asynchronous application development. Not strictly a Groovy project, but you can use it. It's currently an Eclipse Foundation project4.

Ratpack ...

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