^ (caret) character, for block declarations, 99


ABPerson class, AddressBook API, 66

ABRecord class, AddressBook API, 66

Access, managing iCloud, 207208

Accessors, WrappedDocument, 308311, 332334

Accounts, managing changes of iCloud accounts, 344345

Accounts tab, Xcode 5, 239240

Add button, 219220


adding new document in Loon, 291295

making changes to storyboards, 215

master view controller, 253

AddressBook API

on iOS and OS X, 5758

review, 6667

sending Mail from iOS app, 5865

sending Mail from OS X app, 65

using property lists for storing/syncing, 6566

Ad hoc distribution, 22


checking that Mail is configured/available, 6465

code for Loon, 281282, 284

Aliases, looking inside sandboxing containers, ...

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