Multi page navigation

Now that we have three pages, we will see how to implement the navigation between them. The idea is that from the Home page, a user should be able to go to the About and Contact pages, and from the About page to Contact and Home, and, finally, from the Contact page to Home and About.

First we update home.html as follows:

<ion-header>     <ion-navbar>         <ion-title>             Home Page         </ion-title>     </ion-navbar> </ion-header> <ion-content padding>     <ion-card>         <ion-card-header>             Home Page         </ion-card-header>         <ion-card-content>             <button ion-button (click)="goTo('about')">About</button>             <button ion-button color="danger"               (click)="goTo('contact')">Contact</button>             <button ion-button color="light"  (click)="back()">Back</button> ...

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