Learning Java EE 7

Video description

In this Java EE 7 training course, expert author Brian Gorman teaches you the concepts, tools, and functions you will need to know in order to build websites using Oracle’s popular Java Enterprise Edition programming language.
You will start with an introduction to the Web and Java HTTPServlets, then move into learning more about HTTPServlets and parameters. You will learn about Java Server Pages (JSP), such as including directive and comments, page directive import and scripting, and declarations and page directive sessions. This video tutorial will also teach you about Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL), including how to download, install, import, and setup core tags, set and remove variables, among other JSTL functions. Brian will also teach you about custom tag libraries, filters and wrappers, and web security. Finally, you will learn how to build a themed website and web frameworks.
By the completion of this video based training course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to create fully functional Java EE programs. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction, Setup And Configuration
    1. What Is Java EE And Who Uses It?
    2. About The Author
    3. Installing The Java SDK
    4. Installing Apache Tomcat Container
    5. Installing Eclipse For EE
    6. Installing Eclipse Webtools
    7. Installing MySQL
  2. Introduction To The Web And Java HTTP Servlets
    1. Web Architecture Overview - Part 1
    2. Web Architecture Overview - Part 2
    3. Hello World Servlet
    4. Servlet Deployment Descriptor
    5. Re-Directing
    6. Request Dispatcher
    7. Apache Folder Structure
    8. Manual Servlet Deploy
    9. Web Archive Files - WAR
  3. HTTP Servlets, State And Parameters
    1. Form Parameters
    2. Request Attributes
    3. Context/Servlet Init Parameters
    4. Context Attributes And Thread Safety
    5. Sessions And Session Attributes
    6. URL Re-Writing
    7. Session Configuration In The DD
    8. Cookies
    9. MVC Pattern - A First Look
    10. Database Connection Model
    11. Rendering Data Using The DBM
    12. Context Listeners
    13. Session Listeners
  4. Java Server Pages - JSPS
    1. Overview
    2. Include Directive And Comments
    3. Page Directive Import And Scripting
    4. Page Directive Errors, ELIgnore
    5. System-Wide Error Handling And No Scripting
    6. Declarations And Page Directive Sessions
    7. Expressions And PageContext
  5. Standard Actions, Expression Language And Beans
    1. Standard Actions, Java Beans And Expression Language
    2. Java Beans
    3. Use Beans, Properties And Common Standard Actions
    4. Advanced Use Beans With Properties
    5. EL Implicit Objects
    6. EL Math And Logic Operations
    7. EL With Beans And Value Attributes
  6. Java Standard Core Tag Library - JSTL
    1. Introduction To Tags
    2. Download, Install, Import And Setup Core Tags
    3. Importing Resources, Page Re-Direct And Output
    4. Conditions And Looping
    5. Set/Remove Variables
    6. URL And Catch Tags
    7. JSTL Formatting Standard Tag
    8. JSTL SQL Standard Tag
    9. JSTL XML Standard Tag
    10. JSTL Functions
  7. Custom Tag Libraries
    1. Changing Includes To Tags
    2. Custom Tag Libraries And TLD Overview
    3. Creating A Custom Tag Library Definition File
    4. Writing The Code To Handle The Tags
    5. Using A Custom Tag Library
    6. Tag Library In The DD
    7. EL Functions
  8. Filters And Wrappers
    1. Filters
    2. Wrappers
  9. Web Security
    1. Server Authentication Overview And Configuration
    2. Server Authentication Application Configuration
    3. Forms Authentication With Application/Server
    4. Role/User Specific Pages And Page Components
    5. Forms Authentication And Role Restriction With Application And Database
    6. SSL Generating The Keystore File
    7. SSL Configuring The Server XML File
    8. SSL Configuring The Web XML File And Running Secure Pages
  10. Building Web Sites
    1. Building A Themed Website With CSS
    2. Building A Themed Website With JQueryUI/JQuery
    3. Full MVC Models And Lightweight Controllers
  11. Web Frameworks
    1. Struts2 Setup, Download, Select And Install JARs
    2. Struts2 Configuration Of The Build Path, Web XML And Struts XML
    3. Struts2 Actions And Tags
  12. Conclusion
    1. Resources

Product information

  • Title: Learning Java EE 7
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2014
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771371940