Zip it up and install your module

Now it is time to test the module out on your Joomla! 3 development website. We will start by manually installing the module on our development site, and then we will create an installable ZIP file that you can distribute to other people.

Because this is a backend module, we need to create the folder /administrator/modules/mod_latestextensions/ and put all our files in there including the tmpl folder and all its contents.

Your mod_latestextensions folder should contain the following files:

  1. /tmpl/default.php
  2. /tmpl/index.html
  3. /helper.php
  4. /index.html
  5. /mod_latestextensions.php
  6. /mod_latestextensions.xml

Now in your Joomla! Administrator, navigate to Extensions | Extension Manager, and select the Discover view on the left. Click ...

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