Python graphics in Jupyter

How does Python graphics work in Jupyter?

I started another view for this named Python Graphics so as to distinguish the work from the previous work.

If we were to build a sample dataset of baby names and the number of births in a year of that name, we could then plot the data.

The Python coding is simple:

import pandas
import matplotlib
%matplotlib inline
baby_name = ['Alice','Charles','Diane','Edward']
number_births = [96, 155, 66, 272]
dataset = list(zip(baby_name,number_births))
df = pandas.DataFrame(data = dataset, columns=['Name', 'Number'])

The steps of the script are as follows:

  1. Import the graphics library (and data library) that we need.
  2. Define our data.
  3. Convert the data into a format that allows ...

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