Exiting from the current loop iteration with the continue command

Using the continue command, it is possible to exit from the current iteration of the loop and resume the next iteration of the loop. We use the for, while, or until commands for loop iterations.

The following is the for_09.sh script for the loop with the continue command to skip a certain part of the loop commands:

for x in 1 2 3 
    echo before $x 
    continue 1 
    echo after $x 
exit 0 

Let's test the program:

$ chmod +x for_09.sh$ ./for_09.sh

The following will be the output after executing the preceding commands:

    before 1
    before 2
    before 3

The following is the for_10.sh script in which we will check all files and directories. If the file is found, we will print ...

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