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Learning Microsoft Project 2016

Video Description

This course provides a detailed look at how to use Microsoft Project 2016 software to build, resource, cost out, monitor, and report on project plans for any size or type of project. You'll begin with the basic building blocks of creating project files, task entries, dependencies, and constraints to build and display Gantt charts and timelines.

Then you'll move into more advanced topics like resource allocation tools, project tracking, WBS codes, progress reporting, and how to customize global templates and Gantt charts. Complete this course and you'll possess the skills needed to use all the powerful features of Microsoft Project 2016.

  • Learn to build, resource, cost, and monitor a project plan for projects of any type or size
  • Review core project management concepts as you create a project plan from start to finish
  • Master the ability to set up and manage project tasks, dependencies, constraints, and timelines
  • Discover MS Project's expanded capabilities for handling resource allocation issues
  • Learn to use a completed project plan as a platform for tracking project progress
  • Explore the toolsets used for reporting and exporting project results
  • Discover the Master Project and how it's used to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Learn to customize Gantt charts and global project templates to meet your specific needs
Known for his friendly demeanor, and easy to understand teaching style, Guy Vaccaro has trained thousands of people on Microsoft software over the past fifteen years. Expert on a range of Microsoft products from Office Suite and MS Access to MS Project and more, Guy is the author of thirty seven O'Reilly titles, including Learning Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft Project For Software Developers, and Learning SQL.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. What Is Project And Do I Need It 00:07:35
    2. About The Author 00:01:34
    3. The Project Professional 2016 Interface 00:05:24
    4. Exploring A Sample Project File 00:06:10
    5. Using The Working Files Included 00:02:13
    6. Using The Tell Me Feature 00:04:40
  2. Creating Your Own Project
    1. Starting A New Project File 00:08:38
    2. Using A Project Template 00:04:04
  3. Project Tasks
    1. Adding Tasks 00:08:38
    2. Editing Moving And Deleting Inactive Tasks 00:08:21
    3. Organizing Tasks Into Groups 00:07:12
    4. Project Summary Estimated And Milestone Tasks 00:06:30
    5. Task Priority Notes And Attachments 00:08:43
    6. How To Make Tasks Dependent On Others 00:08:27
    7. Exploring Different Task Dependencies 00:07:07
    8. Adding A Lag And Exploring Elapsed Time 00:07:02
    9. Spellcheck Find Replace And Formatting 00:08:10
  4. Working With Projects
    1. Gantt Chart Navigation 00:06:58
    2. Sorting And Filtering Tasks 00:08:00
    3. Autofiltering And Custom Filters 00:09:23
    4. Highlighting Tasks Instead Of Filtering 00:05:52
    5. Task Date Constraints And Deadlines 00:09:24
    6. Calendar And Other Available Views 00:06:17
    7. The Task Inspector 00:05:30
    8. What Is The Critical Path 00:04:09
  5. Resourcing Your Project
    1. Resource Types Available 00:03:56
    2. Adding A Resource 00:09:39
    3. Assigning Resources To Tasks 00:10:05
    4. Issues Raised When Assigning Resources 00:09:44
    5. Adding Fixed Costs To A Project 00:03:53
    6. Dealing With Resource Overallocations 00:08:29
    7. Solving Overallocation Through Overtime 00:06:14
    8. Solving Overallocation Through Levelling 00:04:47
  6. Calendar And Working Time
    1. Working Time And The Default Assumptions 00:04:52
    2. Amending The Standard Calendar 00:07:02
    3. Amending Work Resource Calendars 00:06:17
    4. Creating A Recurring Absence Pattern 00:07:30
    5. Create And Assign A Custom Calendar 00:05:50
    6. Assigning A Calendar To A Task 00:05:08
  7. The Timeline
    1. Introducing The Timeline View 00:05:22
    2. Zoom Pan And The Callout Feature 00:05:02
    3. Date Formatting And Date Filtering 00:04:34
    4. Adding Multiple Timelines 00:03:49
    5. Customizing The Timelines 00:05:42
    6. Printing And Exporting The Timeline 00:04:17
  8. Project Tracking
    1. Setting The Start Date And Saving The Baseline 00:07:08
    2. Setting And Customizing Date Lines On The Gantt Chart 00:05:14
    3. How To Update Task Progression 00:07:37
    4. Tracking Progress 00:06:18
    5. Manually Splitting Tasks 00:03:36
  9. Recurring Tasks
    1. Add Edit And Removal Of Recurring Tasks 00:07:19
    2. Assigning And Managing Resources On Recurring Tasks 00:05:25
  10. WBS Codes
    1. What Is WBS 00:05:30
    2. Create And Use Your Own WBS Code 00:08:06
  11. The Master Project
    1. What Is A Master Project 00:03:54
    2. Creating And Using The Master Project 00:08:50
    3. Managing Links Between Sub Projects 00:09:38
    4. Creating And Using A Resource Pool 00:07:26
  12. Reporting Progress
    1. Printing Gantt Charts 00:08:08
    2. Adding Headers And Footers And Exporting To PDF 00:07:25
    3. Using Projects Built In Reports 00:05:51
    4. Creating A New Report From Scratch 00:06:55
    5. Exporting Data To Excel 00:08:16
  13. Global Template And Global Settings
    1. The Global Template Explained 00:06:05
    2. Create And Customize Your Own Gantt Chart View 00:06:24
    3. Creating A Custom Table 00:06:38
  14. Gantt Chart Customization
    1. Altering The Text Displayed On The Gantt Chart 00:08:00
    2. Create Your Own Bar Style 00:05:18
    3. Custom Fields Lookup List 00:06:41
    4. Custom Fields Formulas 00:05:59
    5. Custom Fields Graphical Indicators 00:07:39
    6. Bar Styles And Custom Fields Working Together 00:08:01
    7. Sharing Custom Fields With Other Files 00:03:23
  15. The End
    1. Project 2016 Summary 00:07:56