Implementing other data operations

So far, we have seen how to create or retrieve a single game, or submit a single guess for a game. Applications also commonly need to list data or delete entries. The principles here are much the same as we've seen already. But to implement these operations, we'll need some new syntax.

Listing data in views

Let's first allow users to see a list of games they've created or that have been created by others. Our chosen view engine, Hogan, is based on Mustache, which has a very simple syntax for displaying lists. We can add these two lists to our index.hjs view, as follows:

 <h2>Games created by you</h2> <ul id="createdGames"> {{#createdGames}} <li>{{word}}</li> {{/createdGames}} </ul> <h2>Games available to play</h2> ...

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