Step 2 - Configuring VyOS

Now we need to configure the VyOS to enable BGP and establish a session with our OpenDaylight BGP module. Run the following command inside the VyoS Command Prompt.

    set protocols bgp 65100 neighbor remote-as 65100.set protocols bgp 65536 network protocols bgp 65536 parameters router-id protocols bgp 65536 parameters hold time 180 end    commit

To verify the established session between OpenDaylight and VyOS, issue the show IP BGP neighbors on the VyOS router:

    vyos@vyos:~$ show ip bgp neighborsBGP neighbor is, remote AS 65100, local AS 65100, internal link  BGP version 4, remote router ID  BGP state = Established, up for 00:01:47 Last read 07:27:00, ...

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