Load balancer management in the CLI

Neutron offers a number of commands that can be used to create and manage virtual IPs, pools, pool members, and health monitors for load balancing purposes.

In version 1 of the LBaaS API, the pool is the root object to which all other load balancer resources are associated. The workflow to create a functional load balancer starts with creating a pool and then continues with creating and associating pool members, health monitors, and a virtual IP.

Managing pools in the CLI

The following commands are used to manage pools in the CLI:

  • lb-pool-create
  • lb-pool-delete
  • lb-pool-list
  • lb-pool-list-on-agent
  • lb-pool-show
  • lb-pool-stats
  • lb-pool-update

Creating a pool

A pool is a set of devices, such as web servers, that are grouped together ...

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