Learning Path: The Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Video Training): Learn Web Development With Rails

Video description

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial Learning Path, is the best-selling complete video training course on web development with Rails, the popular web framework for building dynamic, database-backed web applications. You will learn Rails by example by building a substantial sample application from scratch.


Best-selling author and leading Rails developer Michael Hartl teaches Rails by guiding you through the development of three sample applications of increasing sophistication, focusing on the fundamental techniques in web development needed for virtually any kind of application. The updates to this edition of the video include simplified installation via a standard integrated development (IDE) in the cloud, use of the default Rails stack throughout, a light-weight testing approach, an all-new section on image upload, and an all-new lesson on account activation and password resets, including sending email with Rails.

About the Instructor

Michael Hartlis the author of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, one of the leading introductions to web development, and the founder of the Softcover self-publishing platform. His prior experience includes writing and developing RailsSpace, an extremely obsolete Rails tutorial book, and developing Insoshi, a once-popular and now-obsolete social networking platform in Ruby on Rails. In 2011, Michael received a Ruby Hero Award for his contributions to the Ruby community. He is a graduate of Harvard College, has a Ph.D. in Physics from Caltech, and is an alumnus of the Y Combinator entrepreneur program.

Skill Level

  • Beginner to intermediate
What You Will Learn
  • How to install and set up your Rails development environment
  • Optional easy start using pre-installed IDE in the cloud
  • How to build Rails applications from scratch
  • Learn testing and test-driven development
  • Effectively use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern
  • Structure applications using REST architecture
  • Build static pages and transform them into dynamic ones
  • Implement registration and authentication systems, including validation and secure passwords
  • How to deploy your application

Who Should Take This Course
  • Developers looking for a practical introduction to Rails for building dynamic, database-backed web applications
Course Requirements
  • Basic understanding of programming and development
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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Introduction
  2. Lesson 1: From Zero to Deploy
    1. Topics
    2. Up and running
    3. The first application
    4. Version control with Git
    5. Deploying
  3. Lesson 2: A Toy App
    1. Topics
    2. Planning the application
    3. The Users resource
    4. The Microposts resource
  4. Lesson 3: Mostly Static Pages
    1. Topics
    2. Sample app setup
    3. Static pages
    4. Getting started with testing
    5. Slightly dynamic pages
  5. Lesson 4: Rails-Flavored Ruby
    1. Topics
    2. Motivation
    3. Strings and methods
    4. Other data structures
    5. Ruby classes
  6. Lesson 5: Filling in the Layout
    1. Topics
    2. Adding some structure and site navigation
    3. Refactoring with partials and styling with Bootstrap
    4. Sass and the asset pipeline
    5. Layout links
    6. User signup: A first step
  7. Lesson 6: Modeling Users
    1. Topics
    2. User model
    3. User validations
    4. Adding a Secure Password
  8. Lesson 7: Sign Up
    1. Topics
    2. Showing users
    3. Signup form
    4. Unsuccessful signups
    5. Successful signups
    6. Professional-grade deployment
  9. Lesson 8: Log In, Log Out
    1. Topics
    2. Sessions
    3. Logging In
    4. Logging out
    5. Remember me token and login
    6. Forgetting and Remembering users, views and tests
  10. Lesson 9: Updating, Showing, and Deleting Users
    1. Topics
    2. Updating users
    3. Authorization
    4. Showing all users
    5. Deleting users
  11. Lesson 10: Account Activation and Password Reset
    1. Topics
    2. Account activations
    3. Account activation mailer method
    4. Activating the account
    5. Activation test and refactoring
    6. Password reset
    7. Resetting the password
    8. Password reset test
    9. Email in production
  12. Lesson 11: User Microposts
    1. Topics
    2. A micropost model
    3. Showing microposts
    4. Manipulating microposts
    5. Microposts and a Proto-feed
    6. Destroying Microposts and Micropost Tests
    7. Micropost images
  13. Lesson 12: Following Users
    1. Topics
    2. The Relationship model
    3. A Web interface for following users
    4. Following and followers pages
    5. Hooking up a follow button and adding Ajax
    6. The status feed
  14. Summary
    1. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Summary

Product information

  • Title: Learning Path: The Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Video Training): Learn Web Development With Rails
  • Author(s): Michael Hartl
  • Release date: July 2016
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134664876