Test Your Knowledge: Questions

Question 16-1

Are JavaScript functions and variable names case-sensitive or -insensitive?

Question 16-2

How can you write a function that accepts and processes an unlimited number of parameters?

Question 16-3

Name a way to return multiple values from a function.

Question 16-4

When defining a class, what keyword is used to refer to the current object?

Question 16-5

Do all the methods of a class have to be defined within the class definition?

Question 16-6

What keyword is used to create an object?

Question 16-7

How can a property or method be made available to all objects in a class without replicating the property or method within the object?

Question 16-8

How can you create a multidimensional array?

Question 16-9

What syntax is used to create an associative array?

Question 16-10

Write a statement to sort an array of numbers in descending numerical order.

See the section Chapter 16 Answers in Appendix A for the answers to these questions.

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