Chapter 4. Managing vSphere Hosts with PowerCLI

In a VMware vSphere environment, the hosts are the work horses; they provide the power on which the virtual machines run. So before you can deploy your virtual machines, you first have to deploy your hosts.

In this chapter, you will learn how to manage your hosts using PowerCLI. We will focus on:

  • Adding a host to a VMware vCenter Server
  • Enabling and disabling maintenance mode
  • Working with host profiles
  • Working with host services
  • Configuring the host firewall
  • Configuring vSphere Image Builder and Auto Deploy
  • Using esxcli from PowerCLI
  • Using the vSphere CLI commands from PowerCLI
  • Removing a host from the VMware vCenter Server

Adding a host to a VMware vCenter Server

The VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized ...

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