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Learning Presto DB

Video Description

Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Uber. These are just a few of the leading companies who use Presto to query SQL on Hadoop at big data scale. This course provides an introduction to Presto. You'll learn about the concepts and architecture behind Presto, how to install and configure Presto for different requirements (single node, multi-node, with Yarn, without Yarn, etc.), and how to administer Presto, including tuning, performance, and diagnosis.

It also covers how to use JDBC/ODBC drivers to connect applications and tools to Presto, how Presto security works, and how you can become active in the PrestoDB community. Course prerequisites include: A strong understanding of Hadoop (including HDFS, Hive, YARN, Ambari), Linux, AWS, and SQL. A basic understanding of Kerberos, LDAP, CPU/Memory/Disk tradeoffs, JDBC, ODBC, and Tableau, as well as light experience with Git, Java, Python, Maven, and Intellij.

  • Gain practical hands-on experience working with the Presto SQL query engine
  • Explore Presto's architecture, history, and use cases
  • Learn to install and configure Presto for various deployments (multi-node, with Yarn, etc.)
  • Discover how to query various data sources such as Hive, S3, and PostgreSQL
  • Learn how to configure Presto security
  • Understand how to use applications and BI tools to connect to Presto
  • Pick up valuable experience managing Presto clusters
Matt Fuller leads the Presto engineering team at Teradata, which is the second largest contributor to Presto next to Facebook. Matt has worked in database architecture and development for nine years. In addition to Teradata, he's worked at Hadapt, and Vertica Systems. He earned a Masters in Computer Science from Brown University and is the holder of one U.S. Patent.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome To The Course 00:02:47
    2. About The Author 00:01:23
  2. What Is Presto?
    1. What Is Presto? 00:06:42
    2. High Level Architecture 00:04:15
    3. Download Presto Sandbox 00:03:22
    4. Running Queries In Presto Sandbox 00:07:20
    5. Deployment Models 00:02:04
  3. Installing Presto On Single Node
    1. Single Node Presto Installation On Mac/Linux 00:08:44
    2. Installing Java 00:01:15
    3. Download And Extract Presto Installation 00:01:35
    4. Configuring Presto 00:05:38
    5. Running Presto 00:02:28
  4. Querying Data Sources In Presto
    1. Adding Hadoop Connector 00:03:46
    2. Adding PostgreSQL Connector 00:04:17
    3. Query From S3 00:01:23
    4. Query Federation 00:02:06
  5. Installing Presto On Multi Node
    1. Multi Node Installation Using Presto Admin 00:02:45
    2. Installing Presto Admin 00:01:47
    3. Configuring Presto Admin 00:01:35
    4. Installing Java Using Presto Admin 00:01:44
    5. Installing Presto Using Presto Admin 00:05:03
    6. Adding Hadoop Connector Using Presto Admin 00:02:41
  6. Presto Hadoop Integrations
    1. Download And Install Ambari Plugin 00:02:04
    2. Install Presto Via Ambari 00:04:18
    3. Presto YARN Integration - Creating Presto View 00:06:48
    4. Presto YARN Integration - Installing Presto 00:06:35
  7. Presto Administration And Monitoring
    1. Presto Web UI 00:07:21
    2. Presto Admin Commands 00:06:25
    3. System Tables 00:02:48
  8. Security
    1. Security In Presto 00:03:20
    2. Hive Security 00:05:41
    3. Kerberos 00:05:51
    4. GRANT/REVOKE Privileges 00:06:23
  9. Advanced Presto
    1. Reading Explain Plans 00:05:38
    2. Query Execution 00:06:12
    3. Memory Management 00:03:54
    4. Presto Tuning 00:07:07
    5. File Formats 00:02:23
    6. Queues 00:03:47
  10. ODBC & JDBC
    1. Downloading JDBC And ODBC Drivers 00:01:27
    2. Installing ODBC On Mac 00:00:58
    3. Installing ODBC On Linux 00:05:35
    4. Using JDBC 00:02:46
    5. Using Tableau With Presto 00:01:42
  11. Presto Community
    1. Joining The Presto Community 00:06:51
    2. Cloning The Git Repo 00:02:17
    3. Configuring Intellij 00:01:30
    4. Running Presto From Intellij 00:05:05
  12. Conclusion
    1. Wrap Up And Thank You 00:01:02