Learning Python

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Begin your journey with Python to take your skills to the next level and create outstanding applications of all kind

About This Video

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming with Python
  • Develop a strong set of programming skills
  • Create outstanding applications of all kind
  • Make the best of Python features
  • Learn complex concepts using the most simple examples

In Detail

Python is a great language to get started in the world of programming and application development. This course will help you to take your skills to the next level having a good knowledge of the fundamentals of Python.

We begin with the absolute foundation, covering the basic syntax, type variables, and operators. Then we'll move on to concepts such as statements, arrays, operators, string processing, and I/O handling. You’ll learn how to operate tuples, and understand the functions and methods of lists.

We’ll help you develop a deep understanding of list and tuples and you’ll learn about the Python dictionary. As you progress through the course, you’ll learn about function parameters and how to use control statements with the loop. Further on, you’ll see how to create modules and packages, storing of data as well as handling errors. Later, we’ll dive into advanced level concepts such as Python collections and you’ll see how to use class, methods, and objects in Python.

By the end of this course, you’ll have taken your skills to the next level, with a good knowledge of the fundamentals of Python.

This course uses Python 2.7.13, while not the latest version available, it provides relevant and informative content for legacy users of Python.


Python is the most popular introductory teaching language in top U.S. computer science universities, so if you are new to software development or maybe you have little experience and would like to start off on the right foot, then this language and this video are what you need. Its amazing design and portability will help you become productive regardless of the environment you choose to work with.

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  • Title: Learning Python
  • Author(s): Bhaskar N. Das, Mohit Raj
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788995115