Chapter 3. Administration, Configuration, and Management

In order to get the most out of a system, you need to know how to configure and control it. Depending on the type of system, these tasks could turn out to be quite daunting and onerous (consider a relational database, for example). However, the RabbitMQ team has provided very convenient facilities for administering and managing the message broker.

Topics covered in the chapter:

  • Administering RabbitMQ instances
  • Administering the RabbitMQ database
  • Installing RabbitMQ plugins
  • Configuring RabbitMQ instances
  • Managing RabbitMQ instances
  • Upgrading RabbitMQ

Administering RabbitMQ instances

Administration of RabbitMQ server instances can be considered in several directions:

  • Starting/stopping/restarting instances ...

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