Components in React

Components are one of the pieces that make React, well, React! They’re one of the primary ways you have for defining the visuals and interactions that make up what people see when they use your app. Let’s say Figure 3.1 shows what your finished app looks like.

An illustration of the finished app is shown. The name of the app is displayed at the top-left, a search bar is present at the top-right, and various thumbnails that represent the contents on the app page are present below this.

Figure 3.1 Your hypothetical finished app.

This is the finished sausage. During development, viewed through the lens of a React project, things might look a little less appealing. Almost every part of this app’s visuals would be wrapped inside a self-contained module known as a component. To highlight what “almost every” means here, take a look at the diagram in ...

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